Themed Blitz 19th September – Ponziani’s Opening

Congratulations to Dave Mooney who won the Alekhine’s Defence themed blitz with 6/7. Well done to Yaroslav Kolodiy for coming second with 4.5/7. Full details here.

Next Thursday, 19th September, the theme will be Ponziani’s Opening. Play will start after 1 e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. c3 with black to move.

Two videos for your preparation, one from Chessexplained and one from thechesswebsite.

Themed Blitz 12th September – Alekhine’s Defence

Congratulations to Dave Mooney for winning the well attended (18 player) FIDE rated warm-up blitz for the British Championships qualifier in Newcastle with 8.5/9. It paid off with Dave finishing equal 3rd in the main event.

John Boyd and Charlie Storey were equal second on 7.5/9. In 4= there were 5 players, Yaroslav Kolodiy, Paul Bielby, Ian Maughan, Dave Patterson and Jay Steel. Apologies to Dave and Jay for missing them off the details in the email.

This Thursday, 12th September, the theme will be Alekhine’s Defence. Play will start with black to move after the moves 1. e4 Nf6 2. e5. As usual a couple of YouTube videos for your preparation.

First, a game with Nakamura playing the black side with commentary by “kingscrusher”.

For a more serious study of the opening here is the first in a series of 9 (!) videos on the defence from “Hanging Pawns”. Keen students will, obviously, want to track down and watch the other 8 🙂

UK Open Blitz Championship: Newcastle

This was a good tournament for South Shields players. Dave Mooney had a very good result, coming equal 3rd (with Yichen Han) in a strong field with 10/15. The two players above him were GM Danny Gormally and IM Lorin D’Acosta and these two players get the two places on offer for the finals.

Further down the field Michael Allen continued his good form now that his A Levels are behind him, finishing on a very respectable 7/15 with Paul Bielby just behind on 6.5/15.

Congratulations too, to Prachi Arora who, although not a South Shields member, plays occasionally in our Thursday evening tournaments. She was the 2nd highest female player and therefore wins a place in the Women’s Blitz Championship final.

Full details here.

British Blitz Championships Warm Up – 5th September

First, congratulations to Dave Mooney for winning the Colle themed blitz on 22nd August with 9.5 / 10. Well done to Kevin Rowden (6/10) and Paul Bielby (5/10) for finishing 2nd and 3rd. Full details here.

The North East qualifier for the 2019 British Blitz Championships is being held at RGS in Newcastle on Saturday 7th September. Online entry form here.

The time control for this event is 3 minutes with a 2 second increment, which is a bit faster than our normal themed blitzes.

So, to help club players who want to enter this tournament to acclimatize to the faster time control and also for those who just want to play some rated blitz, we are running a warm-up event over 9 rounds on Thursday 5th September. This will have the same time control, 3+2, as the real event and will be FIDE rated. Start time is 19:30 at The New Ship Inn on Sunderland Rd.

As usual, no entry fee, no prizes, open to all who want to turn up and play.

Themed Blitz 22nd August – Colle

Congratulations to Dave Mooney for winning the Scandinavian themed blitz with 9/9. Well done to Paul Bielby who finished 2nd with 7.5/9 and to Tim Wilton-Davies and Brian Towers for finishing equal 3rd on 5/9. Honourable mention to Michael Allen, making his debut in these themed blitzes, for finishing 5th on 4.5/9. Full details here.

This Thursday, 22nd August, the theme will be the Colle. Play will start with black to move after the moves 1. d4 d5 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. e3 e6 4. Bd3. There are two basic directions white can go in with either c3 (Colle-Koltanowski) or b3 (Colle-Zukertort).

As usual here are two videos for your prep, one for each variation, the Colle-Koltanowski and Colle-Zukertort.

Themed Blitz 15th August – Scandinavian Defence

Congratulations to Dave Mooney for winning the Grob themed blitz with 8/9. Well done to Yaroslav Kolodiy who pushed him close with 7/9 and Paul Bielby who finished 3rd with 5.5/9. Full details here

This Thursday, 15th August, the theme will be the Scandinavian Defence. Play will start with black to move after the moves 1. e4 d5 2. ed. Two serious videos, the first from the St Louis Chess Club and the second from “Hanging Pawns”

Club Championship 2019 – Dave Mooney v Yaroslav Kolodiy

Congratulations to Dave Mooney for winning the Stanley Johnson Trophy Club Championship beating Yaroslav Kolodiy in the final.

Here is the game with notes by the winner.

Dave Mooney 2019 Club Champion
Dave Mooney 2019 Club Champion

Themed Blitz 1st August – The Grob

Congratulations to Dave Mooney for winning the Berlin wall themed blitz with 9/10. As we had 6 players we played a double round robin for a change. Full results here.

Next Thursday, 1st August, as a complete contrast to the Berlin the theme is the Grob. Play will start with Black to move after the move 1. g4

As usual two videos for your preparation. First this video gives the script for when white gets his wishes satisfied and black grabs the pawn. Second, a video featuring a game from the 1980’s with Tim Wall as the Grob player, when Black refuses to play ball.

Late breaking news: Dave Mooney beat Yaroslav Kolodiy in the final of the Stanley Johnson Trophy Club Championship. More details, including I hope the game, when I have them.

Themed Blitz for 18th July – Berlin Wall

First, congratulations to Dave Walker and Dave Mooney for finishing equal first in the Warm-Up Blitz on the 4th July with 8.5/9. Well done, too, to Ian Maughan who finished 3rd on 6/9. Full details here.

The next theme is the Berlin Wall in the Ruy Lopez on Thursday 18th July. Play will start after the moves 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 Nf6 4. O-O Nxe4 5. d4 Nd6 6. BxN dxB 7. de Nf5 8. QxQ KxQ with White to move.

This difficult, enigmatic opening makes a change from the usual “wham-bang-thank-you-Stan” fare of gambits and slightly wacky openings we usually have. To help you with the ideas and plans for the opening here are two YouTube videos for your preparation. First, from Yasser Seirawan, a long but very good video which includes some interesting historical perspective. Second, a shorter video which also gives a good introduction to the Ruy Lopez proper.