South Shields Success in Northumberland Rapidplay Championship

Good to see almost as many South Shields players there as on a typical club night during the season … and it paid off!

Well done to Dave Walker who shares the title of Northumberland Rapidplay Champion 2019 with rising young start, Yichen Han, with an impressive 5/6.

Well done, too, to Kevin Rowden and Brian Towers who share the title of Under 160 champions with Darren Laws on 4/6.

Honourable mention to Konst Delidimoudis for finishing in 3= on 4.5/6 in the main championship.

On 4/6 we also had Dave Mooney

On 3/6, Paul Bielby and Dave Campbell

On 2.5/6 Eddie Czestochowski and Stan Johnson

And on 2/6, Dave Parlour.

Full details here.

Northumberland Championship Rapidplay – 8th December

Get your entry in if you haven’t already done so!

This tournament will take place this Sunday at Forest Hall Chess Club. The entry form plus more details are available for download as a pdf here.

This is a closed championship so entries are restricted to players who are members of Northumberland Chess Association clubs or who live in Northumberland. The overall winner will be the Northumberland Rapidplay champion. There will be 6 rounds and the rate of play is 20+10.

ENTRY FEE: £10, Juniors (U18) £8 if received by Friday 6th December, otherwise £12 if received before the Sunday and £15 on the day.

Prizes: Champion: £100, 2nd £50, 3rd £25.

Major Champion (130-160 ECF) £50, 2nd £20.

Minor Champion (Under 130) £50, 2nd £20

ROUND TIMES: Round 1 – 11.00; Round 2 – 12.10; Round 3 – 13.20 Round 4 – 14.30; Round 5 – 15.40; Round 6 – 16.50

ECF membership required: You need to be at least a bronze member, although if you are playing league chess then you should already be a bronze member.

Grading: This will be ECF graded. The entry form also mentions FIDE rating but since the deadline for FIDE registration is today and it doesn’t appear on the FIDE website, I suspect it won’t be.

Supporting the Durham Congress

This years Durham Congress will be held on the weekend 1st to 3rd May 2020 . Save the date its the week before May Bank Holiday this year . More information will follow in due course or check the congress website

In part of our efforts to find extra funds we have uncovered a grant , but we need your vote to help us get into the top 40 Bids .

Taken at The Word .

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South Shields Success in Northumberland Congress

We had players in all four sections of the Northumberland Congress and they did well. In the Open section, Dave Walker overcame a slow start (Swiss Gambit?) which left him needing a draw with black in the last round against the strongest player in the field to fulfill his number 3 ranking. He finished on 3.5/5 in 3=. Half a point behind in 7= position on 3/5 were Tim Wall and Paul Bielby. This was a particularly fine result for Paul who started the tournament as player 21 out of 23 on rating and it earned him the senior prize.

Here is Dave’s key 5th round game with his annotations. But for a slip on move 34 it could have been the game which earned him a share of 1st

In the Major Dave Patterson and Eddie Czestochowski started in 25th position on rating and finished on a par result of 24= with 1.5/5. Here is one of Eddie’s games which underlines the importance of not giving up.

In the Minor Asanga (3/5) and Stan (2.5/5) both had excellent tournaments.

In the Foundation Roy Merrin, playing in his first congress, was a prize winner on 4/10, winning the senior prize. All those informal coaching sessions at the Word on Saturdays with fellow prize winner, Paul, obviously paid off!

Themed Blitz 3rd October – Nimzo-Indian Defence

Congratulations to John Boyd and Dave Mooney who finished equal first in the Petrov Defence themed blitz with 7.5/9. Full details here.

Perhaps also worth giving a shout-out to Mike Savin,  Tim Wilton-Davies and Ben Wood  who will all have their first FIDE blitz ratings in the new list coming out in a few days’ time. Nothing to do with the themed blitzes (which can’t be rated) but a result of playing in the various club FIDE-rated blitzes over the last few months.

This  Thursday, 3rd October, we will have the last of our summer season themed blitzes with the Nimzo-Indian Defence. Play will begin with white to move after the moves 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 Bb4.

Two YouTube videos for your preparation. First, an introductory video from “Hanging Pawns”. For the keen student he follows up with another 5 videos covering the various white replies. Second, a longer video in the “Chess Openings Explained” series from St Louis Chess Club looking at some exciting games in the Classical Variation (4. Qc2)

Themed Blitz 26th September – Petrov

Congratulations to Dave Mooney who won the Ponziani’s themed blitz with 8/8. Well done to Yaroslav Kolodiy for coming second with 5.5/8. Full details here.

Next Thursday, 26th September, the theme will be the Petrov Defence (or Russian if you hail from Eastern Europe). Play will start after 1 e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nf6 with white to move.

Two videos for your prep. First an introductory video from the excellent “Hanging Pawns”.  This is the first of five. There are four more in his series going into the possible variations for the keen student. Since the defence has a bit of a boring reputation, here is a video from the St Louis Chess Club on one possible white attempt to make life exciting, the Cochrane Gambit where white plays Nxf7, sacrificing a piece on move 4!

Themed Blitz 19th September – Ponziani’s Opening

Congratulations to Dave Mooney who won the Alekhine’s Defence themed blitz with 6/7. Well done to Yaroslav Kolodiy for coming second with 4.5/7. Full details here.

Next Thursday, 19th September, the theme will be Ponziani’s Opening. Play will start after 1 e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. c3 with black to move.

Two videos for your preparation, one from Chessexplained and one from thechesswebsite.

Themed Blitz 12th September – Alekhine’s Defence

Congratulations to Dave Mooney for winning the well attended (18 player) FIDE rated warm-up blitz for the British Championships qualifier in Newcastle with 8.5/9. It paid off with Dave finishing equal 3rd in the main event.

John Boyd and Charlie Storey were equal second on 7.5/9. In 4= there were 5 players, Yaroslav Kolodiy, Paul Bielby, Ian Maughan, Dave Patterson and Jay Steel. Apologies to Dave and Jay for missing them off the details in the email.

This Thursday, 12th September, the theme will be Alekhine’s Defence. Play will start with black to move after the moves 1. e4 Nf6 2. e5. As usual a couple of YouTube videos for your preparation.

First, a game with Nakamura playing the black side with commentary by “kingscrusher”.

For a more serious study of the opening here is the first in a series of 9 (!) videos on the defence from “Hanging Pawns”. Keen students will, obviously, want to track down and watch the other 8 🙂

UK Open Blitz Championship: Newcastle

This was a good tournament for South Shields players. Dave Mooney had a very good result, coming equal 3rd (with Yichen Han) in a strong field with 10/15. The two players above him were GM Danny Gormally and IM Lorin D’Acosta and these two players get the two places on offer for the finals.

Further down the field Michael Allen continued his good form now that his A Levels are behind him, finishing on a very respectable 7/15 with Paul Bielby just behind on 6.5/15.

Congratulations too, to Prachi Arora who, although not a South Shields member, plays occasionally in our Thursday evening tournaments. She was the 2nd highest female player and therefore wins a place in the Women’s Blitz Championship final.

Full details here.