Durham League Division 2

South Shields v Hartlepool

1. Brian Towers 1-0 Bernie Price
2. Dave Patterson 1-0 Dave Lowcock
3. Eddie Czestochowski ½-½ Dave Smith
4. Chris Sayers 1-0 Mark Priest
5. Alan Blackburn ½-½ Eddie Glass

A South Shields 4 -1 Win now sets up an interesting situation in their next game. A Win would be needed against Hetton Lyons 2 in order to swop positions with them and finish in the top 5 of the Division . That would then mean they then play all those top 4 teams again in the second part of the season.

Northumberland Division 3 Result

South Shields C 4-1 Forest Hall Ensigns

Dominik Schwarz 1-0 Roy Perrier
Ben Wood 0-1 John Wall Jnr
Stan Johnson 1-0 Jamie Mcintosh
Mike Savin 1-0 Xu Weiming
Brendan Glasper 1-0 David Ridley

South Shields had a great result here  , it would need more results like this and a bit of a collapse by the teams above them if they stand any chance of progression,

Thursday 28th January 2016

Northumberland League Division 2 Result

South Shields B 4-1 Forest Hall Chieftains

Brian Towers 1-0 John Wall Snr
Dave Patterson 1-0 Paul Charlton
Kevin Rowden 1-0 John Wall Jnr
Colin Campbell 0-1 Mark Broughton
Eddie Czestochowski 1-0 Keith Brooks

South Shields currently stand at top of this Division with 3 tough matches remaining .


Thursday 04th February 2016

Mid Season Report December 2015

Half way through the 2015/16 Season . South Shields are holding their own in the top two Northumberland Leagues .

South Shields A Team are in third place in the Northumberland 1st Division , however they hold a game in hand over the current top team Gosforth Empire and have yet to play against this formidable team .

South Shields B Team are currently Joint top of Division 2 with Leam Comets but have a game in hand .  It is going to be an exciting run-in  particularly as South Shields B last game this season will pitch these two teams together.

South Shields C are currently Joint Bottom of Division 3 , but have a great chance to pull further up the table as they now re-engage each of the teams they have played the season in the reverse fixture .

South Shields are also fielding a team in the Second Division of the Durham League and although they are second bottom there is not much of a points spread between the top and bottom , and we are hopeful of a better second half to the Season ,

South Shields Teams  currently hold first and second place in the Ron Evers Rapid Play Event after 2 rounds  , all to play for in the subsequent 4 rounds .

There were many good performances in these results  , lets hope we have good fortune in 2016 .






South Shields 2-3 Darlington B

Brian Towers 1-0 R Donner
Assanga Gunasekera 0-1 G Hewitt
Chris Sayers 1-0 P Mackay
Brian Telford 0-1 R Gilpin
Alan Blackburn 0-1 S Fraser

Thursday 17th December 2015

Gosforth Regents 2.5-2.5 South Shields A

Andy Lawson 1-0 John Boyd
Joe Dalton 0-1 Joe Watson
John Wheeler 0-1 Paul Bielby
JoshuA Fernadez ½-½ Simon McGuiness
D Baynes 1-0 Ian Maughan

John Boyd lost on time to Andy Lawson in a queen and pawn endgame . Joe Watson felt a little bored with his position and was considering  an e cigarette but decided to pull off a clever combination instead and won a bishop . Paul Bielby has lost count of the number of times he has played John Wheeler . Paul won a nice rook ending . Simon McGuinness played an unusual variation of the French Defence and was under the cosh before generating activity on both sides of the board . Ian Maughan had an exciting game . In mutual time pressure his opponents bishop pair conjured up too many threats .



Monday 14th December 2015

South Shields B 3-2 Forest Hall Brigadiers

Brian Towers ½-½ Jeff Bentham
Dave Patterson 1-0 Rolf Millar
Kevin Rowden ½-½ Steve Bowey
Colin Campbell 1-0 Dennis Shippen
Asanga Gunasekera 0-1 Tom McAlister

Thursday 10th December 2015

Forest Hall Ensigns 3-2 South Shields C

Roy Perrier 1-0 Dominik Schwarz
Jeff Baird ½-½ Ben Wood
John Wall Jnr ½-½ Stan Johnson
Xu Weiming 0-1 Gary Hunter
Jamie Mcintosh 1-0 Brendan Glasper

Friday 11th December 2015

Tynemouth C 1-4 South Shields B

Chris Smith ½-½ Brian Towers
John Morton ½-½ Kevin Rowden
Bill Penny 0-1 Colin Campbell
Phil Jackson 0-1 Ben Wood
Joe Murray 0-1 Stan Johnson

Tuesday 24th November 2015

South Shields A 3-2 Tynedale Tans

John Boyd 1-0 Klaus Mosnegetu
Joe Watson 1-0 Mariana Mosnegetu
Paul Bielby 0-1 David Wrigley
Simon McGuiness 0-1 Gary Murphy
Ian Maughan 1-0 Tim Wrigley

Thursday 03rd December 2015