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North Shields v South Shields

This was an interesting game played many many years ago, recorded in for posterity in the South Shields Gazette. In those days South and North Shields used to play on a monthly basis. In the early days the games were matched on a Random Ballot method, which often led to uneven contests. However this one seems to have been pretty evenly matched. A very aggressive Muzio Gambit was attempted.

Gilroy Northumberland Championship

South Shields to South Africa

In my endeavours to get re-educated in the game of Chess I am playing a few games on the internet. It definitely doesn’t compare with over-the-board games, where you have to pit your wits against real people and cope with time constraints and psychological battles. Online chess is much more leisurely and less pressurized, you get to play totally random people from all over the world. You get to test out openings and theories – some which might work and some which might not. Some of your opponents are chatty and some of them are quite the reverse, but every now and then you come up against really inspirational people and some great characters. At the moment I am playing against the Chairman of the Durban Chess Club in South Africa (He also runs their website). There are some excellent ideas on this site that I would like to mirror. It will take some time and effort, and I am open to anyone that can spare a little time or for any ideas or relevant content related to South Shields Chess Club.

Thanks go out to Desmond for the bit of inspiration that he has put my way simply by playing chess. As a side note I looked up their motto “who teaches learns” and it comes from the latin Qui docet discit.

Website Success

The website has only been up a week and it’s already had its first success. A new possible member Charlie came to play chess. He used to play many years as a junior in the Wolverhampton Chess League and now with more time on his hands , he has dusted off the old chess books, had a go online and now wants to try his luck against real people.

Last week another long lost member Allan Blackburn has returned to blow the cobwebs from his mind. He told us stories of playing against Lance Oliver, a stalwart of times gone by, a real champion of Chess. My goal is to bring back some of those long lost memories of the club, and it’s great that things are already starting to happen.

The 2013/2014 Season Ends

This years team, captained by Kevin Rowden, finished a close runner up in Division Three of the Northumberland Chess Association league. You can view the full results table on our Competition section of the site.

We hope to get two teams together for the next season and we welcome you to join us if you are interested in having a laugh or playing a bit more competitively!

We meet from 7pm till 10pm on Thursdays at The New Ship Inn, full details can be found on our Venue section. We hope to see you there!

Season 2014/15 starts in Sept  and we are hoping to have more teams entered in both Northumberland and Durham Leagues .

Hello Chess World!

This is a new website to let our friends know a little about Chess In South Tyneside.