New Members Welcome

Welcome to the South Shields Chess Club’s Website!

We meet every Thursday @ 7.00 pm at The New Ship, Sunderland Road, South Shields.

We hope you will join us to play some chess. We play serious competitive chess against other clubs in the area and also meet to play friendly chess on a social basis against each other.

We hope to start chess competitions within the club to suit all strengths of players, so why not just come along and have a friendly game and see how it goes!

If you are an expert then great! If you are beginner that’s fine, come along and we can help you get better with friendly advice.

How Much Does it Cost?
It’s almost free! We collect just £1 each time you come along but we do ask that you buy a drink or a coffee at the bar as the pub generously does not charge us for the room!

Help Us to Help You:

If you are interested in joining, if you could indicate which statement most accurately describe your standard and what you would like from the club out of the following, it will help us greatly when given to an existing member.


  • I’m a total beginner
  • I last played in School and I’m rusty
  • I’ve played in Chess Clubs before / I’m actually pretty good. My ECF Number is…
  • I’m actually the World Champion!!!

What you want out of the club:

  • I just want to pop in and play friendly Chess
  • I might be interested in playing team Chess
  • I would like to get better and would welcome advice along the way

Email your choices and your details to

Also check out the  Questions section under the NEW MEMBERS WELCOME , some of your questions may be answered there .