150th Anniversary Celebration Year 2016

The South Shields Chess Club had its first open Chess night on Monday the 1st of October 1866, at the Mechanics Institute in Ocean Road, South Shields. This information was verified with the help of the British Newspaper Archives and in particular to an article in the South Shields Gazette printed that simply said “It was hoped that there will be a good muster of not only the lovers, but the learners of the game”.

Our Club , like many others around the UK are kept running by enthusiastic volunteers  held together by the common interest of Chess . It is an amazing Achievement that the club has reached this milestone .

This year we are running a number of events that are aimed strengthen the growing popularity of the game  . We are hoping that this will increase participation not only in our local club , but in clubs around the region and around the UK .

Bobby Fischer , considered to be one of the greatest Chess World Champions of all time ,once famously said    “Chess is Life ”

Please tell us what benefits you believe chess has brought to your life .

If you would like to be kept informed the events we have planned , please send us an email and also tell us why you believe Chess is Important to you .