2019 Summer Themed Blitz Returns: 30th May – The Wayward Queen

Last summer’s themed blitz tournaments are starting up again. As before, no entry fee, no prizes, no grading / rating (a themed event breaks Article 2.3 of the FIDE Laws of Chess starting The initial position of the pieces on the chessboard is as follows: ) .

Time control: all moves in 5 minutes with a 2 second increment. Play will start between 19:15 and 19:30 and we will try and fit in 9 rounds by 22:00.

The first one will be on Thursday 30th May. The theme will be The Wayward Queen as played by Nakamura and Carlsen. Play will start with black to move after the moves 1. e4 e5 2. Qh5. OK, so it is sometimes also called the Patzer’s Opening.

For those who want to do some preparation here are a couple of links to Youtube videos courtesy of Dave Mooney. First, a game by Carlsen from the last World Rapid and Blitz Championships .

Second, a full 2 hour long in depth video from  IM Miodrag ‘The Butcher’ Perunovic who has made the opening his speciality.

On the 6th June the Summer Handicap team has a home match so there will be no blitz that evening. Normal service will resume on the 13th June. We are planning on varying once a month with a proper (no theme) FIDE rated blitz and on the 13th we will either do that or the King’s Indian Attack