AGM 2017 Gallery

Our 2017 AGM was held on the 31st of August and it proved to be quite entertaining .  The Club had quite a successful season . We also had the opportunity to finally present the awards for the previous season Division 2 Championship team.

Kevin Rowden and Dave Patterson
Stan Johnson and Dave Patterson


Kevin Rowden and Assanga Gunasekera
Mike Savin and Ron Evers Trophy
Chris Sayers and Ron Evers Trophy
Brendan Glasper with Ron Evers Trophy


Alan Blackburn with Ron Evers Trophy
Dave Patterson presenting Durham Division 2 Championship Trophy to Eddie Czestochowski
Dave Patterson and Paul Bielby Seniors NCCU Champions 2017


Brian Tpwers Club Champion 2017 presented by Mike Savin
Colin Campbell with Dave



Last season with the help of all the club members South Shields won the Durham League Second Division , retained the Ron Evers Rapid Play Trophy for the second year in Succession ,won the Northern Counties Chess Union Seniors Trophy and are in the final of the Summer Knockout Plate .  Chris Sayers won the Durham Congress Minor Competition and Dave Patterson won the Tony Mezzo Trophy for best performance by a Durham League Player in the Major .  It is going to be a major challenge to better this in 2018 .