AGM – 30th September

There will be no themed blitz this Thursday as we will be holding our AGM. Please try and get there for 7:30pm. It looks like the Northumberland league will go ahead this year, albeit with teams of 4 instead of 5 and with fewer teams per division, but there is still no word as to what is happening with the Durham league.

Please come along to discus league participation, particularly if you want to play, also if you are interested in having a club championships this year.

Last Thursday’s themed blitz, From’s Gambit, produced a three-way tie for first between Yaroslav Kolodiy, Brian Towers and Bede Porter on 5/7.Ben Wood finished 4th with 4/7 despite having forgotten how the pieces move during the last 18 months! Fortunately it all came back to him after one of the members sat down with him and showed him some of the From’s Gambit lines. Apart from anything else this meant that Ben didn’t fall for the two move mate (1. Nf3 g5 2. h3 Bg3#) which caught out 3 of the 4 white players in round 1. Full results here.