Chess has been described as the Game of Kings although these days it is played by everyone. It is game of Skill and Strategy and it takes a degree of patience and understanding to grasp the inner beauty of the game. It’s not always about winning, much can be learned even in losing a game.

This website was created to inform the local people of South Tyneside and beyond about the wonders of the game and of the rich heritage that the game has to offer. With the challenges of all the other social activities that we compete for time against, Chess has had to fight hard to keep its place. There has been a resurgence in interest due to the realisation that the game helps in so many aspects of personal development . This website is updated occasionally by volunteers , please take a moment and register your email address in the box on the side panel and we will automatically send you notifications when this happens .

Celebrating 157 years of Chess in South Tyneside


The South Shields Chess Club had its first open Chess night on Monday the 1st of October 1866, at the Mechanics Institute in South Shields. This information was verified with the help of the British Newspaper Archives and in particular to an article in the South Shields Gazette printed that simply said ”It was hoped that there will be a good number of not only the lovers, but the learners of the game”.

The club also placed an advert promoting the event, which would then become a bi-weekly event for many years to come, playing at venues such as the Golden Lion Hotel (which eventually became the now empty Marks and Spencer Shop) and the Criterion Pub. The club has been kept going over the years by many many volunteers and we like to research and give thanks to the these people as we discover them.

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New Members

We meet every Thursday @ 7.00 pm at The New Ship, Sunderland Road, South Shields.

We hope you will join us to play some chess. We play serious competitive chess against other clubs in the area and also meet to play friendly chess on a social basis against each . We have recently found an additional opportunity at The Word , Central Library in South Shields   on a Saturday Afternoon .

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Our Sponsors


We are most grateful to our local sponsors who with great communit donated some funds to support us in our  are our endeavours .

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We hope that you will read through the website and find some of the history interesting and that it might spur you to take up the game. You’ll always be welcome to join the South Shields Chess Club.