2014 /2015 Chess Fixtures

Northumberland Chess Association Fixtures for the 2014/15 Season are as follows

SS A Team Fixtures in Division 2    Team Captain Kevin Rowden

Date                                             Score                                               Result

SSa v Gateshead                        Thursday   02/10/14                     2.5 – 2.5
Gosforth Salters v SSa               Monday    20/10/14                      2   –  3
SSa v Leam Lane Comets          Thursday  06/11/14
Gosforth Regents v SSa             Monday    17/11/14
SSa v Forest Hall b                      Thursday  11/12/14
SSa v Morpeth b                          Thursday  18/12/14
Tynemouth c v SSa                      Tuesday    13/01/15

There are three more fixtures , as yet unpublished .
SS B  Team Fixtures  in Division 3   Team Captain  Stan Johnson

Date                                               Score                                              Result

SSb b Alnwick                               Wednesday  15/10/14                   4-1
Forest Hall Rocketts v SSb          Friday            7/11/14
SSb v Newcastle University        Thursday      4/12/14
Gosforth 4th v SSb                       Monday        5/1/15
Jesmond Wasps v SSb                 Friday            16/1/15
SSb v Tynemouth d                     Thursday       12/2/15
Forest Hall Invicta v SSb             Thursday       12/3/15
SSb Tynedale Reivers                  Thursday       2/4/15

South Shields Team in the Durham League  Team Captain Simon McGuinness


DATE                                              Score                                             Result

Bishop Auckland v SS                 Monday          29/09/14                1     –   4
SS v Hartlepool                            Thursday        23/10/14                1.5  –  3.5
Darlington B v SS                         Wednesday   29/10/14                0.5  –   4.5

SS v Hetton B                                Thursday       13/11/14
Peterlee B v SS                              Tuesday         18/11/14
Durham city c v SS                        Wednesday   10/12/14
SS v Darlington B                          Thursday        19/2/15
Hetton B v SS                                 Thursday        5/3/15
SS v Peterlee b                               Thursday       19/3/15
SS v Durham c                               Thursday       26/3/15



Don’t forget to join the ECF . You must be a member of the ECF to play for the teams or in the club competitions . we would prefer you did this yourself or you can pay Stan Johnson and he will do it for you . You can follow the link to the ECF website from our links page .

Please advise your team captain of any issues with any dates