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South Shields Chess Club currently play matches competitively against other clubs in the region, playing in both the Northumberland and Durham Leagues . Current results and league standings can be found on the relevant  League Association websites together with our competitors information . These can be found on our links page

2014 /2015 Chess Fixtures

Season List:

2013-2014 Results – Northumberland Chess Association Division 3

1Tynemouth Sprites105012022312
2South Shields1040231027.2511.5
3Tynemouth Warriors1040221123.7510.5
4Gosforth IV1040220226.2510
5Tynedale Reivers840400019.58
6Forest Hall B1020430120.257
7Jesmond Wasps12202206156
8Morpeth C8305000146
9Forest Hall C10006103101

2012-2013 Results – Northumberland Chess Association Division 2

1Leam Lane Comets1312014624
2Gosforth Regents13100342.520
3Morpeth B1382340.518
4Gateshead Knights138143817
5Forest Hall A138054116
7Jesmond Wasps137153215
8Tynemouth Warriors137063714
9Tynedale Reivers135173211
10South Shields A135172811
11Forest Hall B1331925.57
12South Shields B133010196
13Jesmond Sharks131111163
14Newcastle University131111143

2011-2012 Results – Northumberland Chess Association Division 1

1Leam Lane Aces11110043.522
3Tynemouth Hobbits1173134.517
4Gosforth Empire115423014
5Morpeth A1145233.513
6Jesmond Knights116142913
7Tynedale Tans11326268
8Forest Hall A11245248
9Tynemouth Trojans11326238
10Eldon Leisure11146226
11Morpeth B1112818.54
12South Shields11029102