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In an effort to raise the profile of South Chess Club we have arranged the first of our open air ventures at the Westoe VIllage Fete this coming Saturday 20th of June .  Fingers crossed for the weather .  Hopefully a couple of the members will pop down for a quick game .

South Shields Chess Club will reach the Ron Evers Final 2015

The Ron Evers Rapid Play Chess Tournament  is an annual competition held by the Durham County Chess Association and it members . This year South Shields fielded 3 teams  of 4 players .  Both the A and the B  teams have managed to get in the Semi Final and will be facing each for the pleasure of playing against Durham A , probably the strongest team in the competition in terms of individual grading points .

Fortunately the competition is a  Team Handicap , with the average grade of each team taken into account and then a handicap applied according to the difference between the average ratings .  The teams play two 30 minute games against each other , one black and one white .

The South Shields Semi Final is due to be played shortly  so look out for the result.




South Shields A Secure Promotion

South Shields A team  secured the necessary points against Gateshead at the Carlton Club to pip them at the final hurdle . It was a tight match with the final score of 3.5 to 1.5 . The Result now means that next season the team will be promoted to the First Division of the Northumberland Chess League .

At the same time the South Shields B Team playing at home at The New Ship managed to pull out an excellent Draw against Tynedale Rievers . This put South Shields B in 3rd  Place in the 3rd Division of the Northumberland League by a single board point .

With two matches left in the Durham League the South Shields Team are playing for a respectable mid place position in Division 2 .

This season has been a bit of a renaissance season  , having for many years struggling to pull one team together we now have 3 teams with the possibility of a 4th team next season ,

The relative success can be put down to a great club spirit . The players moved around within the teams in order to give a wide range of opportunities and all efforts were truly appreciated .


The Chess World

Chess has been played now in one form or another for around 1500 years  . In recent years the internet has opened up the game to many more people. You can quite easily play online chess with people from all over the world from the comfort of your front room , However chess is a fundamentally a game that crosses all the social borders and you cannot beat the experience of sitting directly opposite your opponent and hopefully watching them squirm as you make that killer move. Serious competition chess doesn’t permit discussion and laughing out loud or “sledging” , It doesn’t allow mobile phones … and if that isn’t a great reason to take up chess I don’t know what is . However in the more social and friendly practise games the Art of Talking someone off the board is alive and well . Come down to our club and witness some of the banter . Chess can be both fun and serious . The internet has never made it so easy to pick up the skills to become the next Chess Champion . I have come across a really great  site that is crammed full of tips and is aptly called The Chess World

7 Health Benefits of Playing Chess

7 Health Benefits of Playing Chess

1        Increases Brain Power

2        Exercises both parts of the Brain

3        Prevents Alzheimers       

4        Helps treatment of Schizophrenia                

5         Improves Childrens thinking and problem solving skills

6         Helps with self confidence

7          Helps with rehabilitiation and therapy .


The full details of this article can be found on. So full credit is given to the author . The internet is full of similar stories .

For those of you that are keen to improve your chess I recommend this website as it is full of interesting articles and lessons .

South Shields Gazette Supports boom in the Chess Participation

The South Shields Chess Club has seen its membership numbers increase dramatically this year . The club in recent years struggled to maintain one or two teams , but this year has entered 3 teams into the Local Chess Associations of Durham and Northumberland . Next year there is talk of a fourth and possibly 5th team .

The increase in participation is partly down to a number of things.

1. The very Basic Website , created with no budget . This is in dire need of some improved imagery and design input . Maybe some local designer might want to swap a few chess lessons and coaching for some design time .

2 . The very welcoming nature of the people involved in the club .

3.  The help of the South Shields Gazette for their agreement to start a weekly chess column that helps up to maintain the profile .

Come down and play a friendly game  .

Newsletter 30th September

Tyne and Wear Congress 2014 Held at the Parks Leisure Centre

Congratulations to Paul Bielby who scored 3.5/5 in the Open section and took the Seniors prize .

Also to Eddie Czestochowski who scooped £50 for second place in the under 135

Eddie had 4/4 and a dominating position in his last round game but lost on time .


Our First Match of the Durham Season begins with a win .

Bishop Auckland 1-4 South Shields

Wins by Bielby , McGuinness , Czestochowski .

Draws from Patterson and Gunasekera .


If you are looking for more chess why not enter the Northumberland County Championship competitions .

Feeling brave ? the Zollner , an open with a strong field .

The Sell under 170 grade

The Gilroy under 140 grade .


Details are available on the Northumbria Chess League website . Basically you play 7 games or so (one per month ) at a mutually convenient time and venue .

Entry is free and you have until 11 October to enter

South Shields to South Africa

In my endeavours to get re-educated in the game of Chess I am playing a few games on the internet. It definitely doesn’t compare with over-the-board games, where you have to pit your wits against real people and cope with time constraints and psychological battles. Online chess is much more leisurely and less pressurized, you get to play totally random people from all over the world. You get to test out openings and theories – some which might work and some which might not. Some of your opponents are chatty and some of them are quite the reverse, but every now and then you come up against really inspirational people and some great characters. At the moment I am playing against the Chairman of the Durban Chess Club in South Africa (He also runs their website). There are some excellent ideas on this site that I would like to mirror. It will take some time and effort, and I am open to anyone that can spare a little time or for any ideas or relevant content related to South Shields Chess Club.

Thanks go out to Desmond for the bit of inspiration that he has put my way simply by playing chess. As a side note I looked up their motto “who teaches learns” and it comes from the latin Qui docet discit.

Hello Chess World!

This is a new website to let our friends know a little about Chess In South Tyneside.